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Pkmncollectors community required info:
I was grandfathered sales permission in 2007, my feedback is here: https://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/24308490.html?thread=708777482#t708777482

per Rossana90: ecco i flat che ho disponibili, purtroppo non ho prezzi precisi in mente per le singole cose essendo cose che ho accumulato negli anni, se possibile preferirei vendere tutto come un lotto (penso che il valore possa essere intorno ai 300 euro).
Ma se per esempio tu volessi solo alcuni dei vari opuscoli, cartoline eccetera senza i clear file, che alla fine sono quelli che alzano il costo (molti dei clear file sono ancora nella loro plastica originale, addirittura i clear file delle ultime due fotografie sono set completi di cartellina rigida), si può fare, ascolto ogni offerta. Fammi sapere, e chiedi pure se hai domande!

SSS wishlist!


Hawlucha is my main collection. I am interested in EVERYTHING that has Hawlucha on it. I always like to get any kind of customs, be it plush, figures, charms, stickers, shirts, etc.!!

I already have hundred of items, and sadly don't have up-to date collection photos. I don't need duplicate items, so please stick to items from the list below or customs that YOU made (or commissioned specifically for the exchange) to avoid getting something that I already have! Thank you!

Here's my main Hawlucha wanted items:

Hawlucha Korean spinning toy, any kind

Hawlucha Korean flat figure (ddakji), any color

Hawlucha unknown sticker (or magnet?)

Hawlucha Hitachi sticker

Gari Gari Rich snacks (empty box)

Hawlucha Furikake packets (green and pink)

Sticker sheet

Sticker sheet (photo by twitter user tukikagematari)

Custom poseable figure by Daunting Mountain on etsy (in both normal AND shiny color). I had a bad experience with this seller who never sent me the figures I bough (I was refunded, thankfully), but I still really want them...

Custom Hawlucha Original Watercolour Painting by ShinonArt on etsy

Custom Amigurumi/crocheted plushies by CraftedCuteness and MissJennysCrochet on etsy

Any item with Monarobot's Hawlucha VS Ekans picture

Below are listed more Hawlucha items I want. But items above are top pririty!

Boxed TOMY sets that include other Pokémon are the lowest priority.

Please let me know if you have any questions in identifying the items below, although for some items even I am unsure about what they are!

Thanks to slothyshroom for many of these photos.

Other Pokémon wishlist!


Before Hawlucha, Toxicroak was my favorite Pokémon, and it's still very close to the top of my list. It's not a really popular and merched Pokémon, so I already have most stuff of it. Right now, all I can think about that I don't have are this DVD and bootleg figure! I would also love a custom plush, figure or charm for this Pokémon (no flats).

Pokemon DP Galactic battles American DVD with Toxicroak cover

Bootleg figure


Blaziken was my first favorite Pokémon. I already have an extensive collection of it and don't want duplicates, so here's some selected items I don't have yet, that I'm particulalrly interested in.

I would also love a custom plush, figure or charm for this Pokémon (no flats).

solid Black figure

Beckett Magazine with Blaziken cover

Blaziken metal figure (pictured above are the colors I have)

Blaziken Pokedoll charm

Solid Blue figure (photo above is a mock up, I have yellow and red but I have reasons to believe a blue one exists too!)

Sticker book

prototype figure

Magazine poster

Pokken clearfile

solid red prototype figure?


Another one of my top favorites that sadly never got much official merch. Here's all I have in my wishlist for now!

I would also love a custom plush, figure or charm for this Pokémon (no flats).

Japanese Notebook? / settei that shows a Manectric rideable toy


Due to my love for IRL rats, I want to have a cute Rattata collection! I have a bunch of Rattata figures and flats already, and while I don't really mind Rattata duplicates, I'd rather receive something I don't already have for the Spring Swap!

I would also love a custom plush, figure or charm for this Pokémon (no flats).

Below are some items I definitely don't have to make everything easier.

Clear figures

Magazine/comic pages

Pokémon time sticker / Pokémon Rumble stickers

South American Cereal figure?

Metal figures (any style and color)

Custom resin statue

bootleg figure

Stickers with unique artwork or anything else with these pictures on it

Japanese cardboard pog or anything else with this picture on it

Alolan Rattata ga ole

Decorative plates or anything else with these pictures on it

Clearfile or anything else with this picture on it

Minimodels, any color (I already have a clear red one, need ANY other color!

Bootleg plush of Alola raticate

Puzzle or anything else with this picture on it



Other than the official items listed below, I would also love any kind of custom for Pyramid King Brandon/Jindai who is my favorite character from the series!.

Pyramid King Brandon/Jindai settei (face or any other settei needed as well)

Factory head Noland/Datsura settei (full body or any other settei needed as well)

Paul unreleased JAKKS figure prototype

Flying press on bed!

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Thanks everyone who replied to my previous entry... methuselah31010, coiffwaff, pheonixxfoxx, badshines, prawnographer, hebilea. I really appreciated your comments more than my words can express now.

I guess I'm glad my entry didn't feel too all over the place and that other people can relate to the feelings. Your support means a lot to me, so thank you, really. I am going to keep my collection stored this way for a while and see how it goes. I think both my mind and my wallet could use a hiatus anyway (not for Hawlucha though. I will keep some side money savings for her always :P ).

While I was at it, I have temporarily removed my minor collections pages from my website:

This way it's even less pressure for me. The pages are still online, just not linked from the main site.

This should hopefully convince me to finally scan/photograph all the flat items I have for my non-Hawlucha collections. I have a lot, and the artwork on some of those things is really amazing and worth sharing.


Sales permission grandafathered in 2007
Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/hawlucha

I ship from Italy and accept paypal only

All sales can be combined with my custom commissions (info here: http://hawlucha.livejournal.com/6323.html )

Always super open for trades; my wishlists are here:

Haggling is okay!

Shipping for flats to the USA starts at $3, for non flat items starts at $5 and goes up depending on weight; please ask if you're in another country.

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